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2020 has been a highly unusual year. It has affected so much. For worshippers, one of the major repercussions of the virus has been the cancellation of services. Right now it seems likely that we will end the year having experienced more Sundays not meeting as a community than meeting as one.

The knock-on effects of this are various, and nearly all of them damaging to the work of God.

Various parachurch mission initiatives have suffered as a consequence of us not meeting. Usually, our giving towards these particular missions would happen through monetary contributions placed in prescribed envelopes along with the plate giving. Each month would see a specific mission showcased.

​As a consequence of COVID, we could not effectively hold mission services showcasing the work of World Development and Relief, World Mission Partnership, and Methodist Home Missions.

As we neared the end of the year, the Council asked the question: What can we do late in the day to honour our commitment to these precious endeavours? What could we do to ensure their survival and growth without asking too much of an already burdened community?

Our response is to offer one service, highlighting the work of Methodist Home Mission but alongside that, the two other projects of World Development and Relief and World Mission Partnership. I find one of the obstacles to giving is the practical 'How?'. To resolve this, we have placed some information about all three with clear and simple options on how you could give this year.

Each particular mission has its own page under the dropdown menu 'Give this Christmas'. We would encourage you to give, however you can to this work. Every bit counts!

As I prepared for this Sunday, I went through the work of these missions. I was humbled, struck yet again by the immensity and value of the work the Methodist Church in Ireland undertakes. The breadth of its reach and the depth of its commitment is beyond inspiring. I mentioned one concern about giving is the 'How?' Another consideration is the lingering question: 'Is this an effective way of giving monetarily to the Kingdom work of God?' Or, to put it differently, 'Does it reach the people in need?' Without hesitation, the answer to this question is a resounding 'Yes!'

Won't you join alongside us in giving to one, two, or all three of these causes?

Yours in Christ,

Rev Andrew

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