Our World Development and Relief service and offering is usually held in May. Due to COVID this year we were unable to do so. But the needs continue to be present, made worse by the effects of COVID. This word from our District Superintendent Andrew Dougherty:

‘As we continue to learn to live with the Global Pandemic, we become more aware of the heavy toll it has taken on the lives of those we love and care for. As I read about and pray for the many partners the World Development and Relief officers are engaged and partner with on our behalf, I can only imagine the difficulties they are facing! Despite our challenges and fears, we must not forget about them!’


About the inspiring work of World Development & Relief

We do what we do because our Christian faith inspires us to address poverty and injustice. We welcome anyone who shares this vision of a better world to join with us; people of all faiths and none.  

There are a number of ways you can give to this wonderful work:

  1. Pay the amount you would like to contribute by Direct Deposit into the Cork church account. We will ensure that money gets paid forward. Please label it clearly as WDRF so we know where you want it to go.

  2. Follow the links on the World Development & Relief homepage where it clearly explains how to give. The link to the homepage is

  3. Included on the webpage is a way to give over the Christmas season called 'Gifts for Life' also found off the main page link (above). The words below are also a clickable link.



From the website:


Members of the Methodist Church in Ireland are directed to give 1% of their income (post-tax) to WDR. This level of giving continues to be an aspiration. WDR was established in1970. 

We believe that genuine and long-term partnership is the best way to achieve effective community development. We consider partners to include the WDR Committee, people in the organisations implementing plans on the ground, supporters, volunteers and local people who contribute skills, knowledge and time to transform their own communities. Other relevant bodies, such as local authorities, and individuals may also be involved. 

Effective and mutually beneficial partnerships are built upon trust, transparency, accountability and friendship. This relational approach speaks of our Christian values. 

We seek to be effective by following good development practice whilst retaining our Methodist values and motivation.

We endeavour to do work that is: 

  • Long-term and sustainable

  • Driven by and empowering for local people

  • Transforming for whole communities

  • Tackling the root causes of poverty and injustice

  • Innovative when necessary




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