MCI Logo White.png


    We are a loving community


 We seek to make real God’s love for all people and all of creation.


 We love in the model of Jesus whose love exhibited a radical inclusion of the outsider  

 and the most vulnerable.


 We seek to make God’s love real through clear and specific commitments to making our

 church a more welcoming and inclusive space, noting the primacy of the word ‘All’ in

 Methodist theology.



     We are a prayerful community


 We seek to live in a real and vital relationship with God through prayer.


 We encourage our community to prayerful rhythms in life through the offering of

 prayer resources, unique one-off prayer events, and services of prayer and worship.


 We continually speak a language that accentuates and affirms the power, purpose, and

 importance of prayer.



     We are a relational community


 We acknowledge the high value Jesus placed on loving others.


 We affirm that we are called to exist as a family in Jesus honouring the unique gifts and

 contributions of each member of the church.


 We seek to make space for each person to contribute their gift (their life!) to our  

 worship and community practice. Concerning this, we note the particular call to make    

 our young people welcome and valued contributors to our community life.



     We are a disciple-making community


 We affirm the place of sound Jesus-centred, Bible-based teaching.


 We desire to create learning opportunities that move beyond information to



 We want to move from simply believing or adhering to following Jesus who calls us into




     We seek to be creatively missional


 We note and appreciate the changing landscape of mission and communication.


 We seek to establish creative patterns of sharing the Good News of Jesus in a changed 

 and changing world.


 We note our founder Wesley met people ‘where they were’ and we endeavor to do the