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                                                                                                                                                                                                          22nd May 2020

Dear friend in Christ,


Keeping our church healthy means we need to secure its financial wellbeing through times like this. We are, however, sensitive to job insecurity and loss that follows in the wake of COVID-19. It has been, and continues to be, a source of prayer concern for us. We also know that many members wish to continue to give as an act of faith and worship. However, one of the primary means of doing so – the plate offering – is not currently available.

To meet this need in our community and to safeguard our financial wellbeing, as a leadership, we would still like to encourage you, where possible, to continue with your weekly or monthly giving. We have included a few ideas on how this can be done through personal banking, online banking, and setting money aside.

  • Personal Banking. For those who wish to go into your local bank, you can lodge money into the Church Society account by using the IBAN details below. You can also set up a standing order in the bank. For those who have an envelope number, please include this in the reference area on the lodgement/transfer slip (ie. ENV123). This will allow us to claim tax relief on the money. There is no requirement to put your name.         


  • Online Banking. For those who wish to use online banking, you can set up a standing order or transfer money when it is appropriate. The IBAN is required when setting up the transfer. If you are an envelope subscriber please enter your envelope number only in the reference area, on the transfer.

The IBAN NUMBER is available from our treasurer, Donald Bateman.

Please DO NOT put your name as the stewards will not know which envelope to credit payments to. If you are not an envelope subscriber you may fill in your name if you wish but there is no requirement to do so - you can send the transfer anonymously.

As we have mentioned before, giving as an envelope subscriber, with a number, allows us to claim tax on your giving, and this year more than ever we will need that claim to meet our budgetary needs. If you are not on the envelope system please prayerfully consider joining it to help meet its financial targets. If you would like to do that, please contact Donald Bateman or Brian Holland at the numbers provided below.

  • Setting Money Aside. Others of us are keen to give to the church but less keen to change the nature of that giving. Many of us prefer placing our tithes and offerings into the plate. If this is the case, we would encourage you to set the weekly or monthly contribution you are used to making aside. Once services commence, those offerings may be brought into worship as your ongoing act of worship.


Beyond this, please keep the church, local and global, in your prayers. We are scheduled to commence with worship gatherings in late July but the form this will take and the measures we will need to put in place will take wisdom, commitment, and clear discernment. In short, we need God’s guiding hand through this season.

For further information, please call:


Donald Bateman                       (Church Treasurer - 086 823 2465)

Brian Holland                            (Envelopes Secretary - 087 1273657)


Yours in Christ,

Rev Andrew Robinson

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